Using eBrain for modern tasks

Experience integrated Intelligence solutions

 Discovered intelligence
 Develop an ongoing relationship with eHumans

1. Select your module
After creating a eHuman, select a category of Intelligence to administrate

Build an eUniverse starting from basic objects

2. Cognitive protocols
You can view the intelligence output or edit protocols to modify how eHumans behave

Visually accurate
 AI’s are represented in DirectX Multimedia

3. Discover your eHuman
Locate and interact with intelligent AI’s in your eUniverse to converse with

 Thinking Nodes
 Process cognitive thought rapidly

4. Admin Core Engines
Each eHuman you create has Core AI Engines to edit its cognitive behavior

 There are default eBrain libraries that include pre-developed eHumans and objects. This allows you to experience eBrain software right out of the box, without having to train an eHuman. A eHuman educated with standard skills (i.e. understanding English), allows you to deploy solutions right away.

Getting started

After installing AI, select ’Create New eHuman’ from the menu; this opens a virtual AI body. AI+ is fully under your control. You can build multimedia-rich environments, or strictly deploy eHumans to assist in personal objectives.
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Assigning tasks

A user can also assign its eHuman a task through the input of command-line entries – for example, “learn: biology”. An eHuman will request data sources and start the learning process.
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 Cross-platform access NEW

296 console commands spanning over 4,000 individual functions, to delve deep into the recesses of cognitive psychology. eBrain Technology lets you choose your platform, using Big Brain Intelligence interchangeably per your own needs.

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Your Suite of Intelligence

Creating an eHuman is delving deep into the recesses of cognitive computing

A new kind of creativity

Logical thought produces ehuman choice, associated memory-recall, and belief. Modal logic allows e-humans/AI to consider the semantics of decision-making, and execute a decision with an expected purposeful outcome.

Users are privy to modelling ehuman thought in such a way that it produces decisions, which can be perpetually advantageous to a small task or an entire solution-driven project.

 Fully realize your computers potential
Cognitive computing is more possible than ever with the latest advancements in hardware
 Be a nerd
We let you wield the power of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry in a manner that is concise and clear
Modern gaming development is heavily built on the foundation of AI. Using eBrain, you can host life-like character representation
 Like building a robot
Creating an eHuman is the digital equivalent to building a robot with your choice of behavioral specifications

A global study

Interactive classroom settings
and seminars, can add a new
level of interactivity through
eHumans trained with a field of study
and taught to participate in a discussion.
Universities accross the world
are continuing to integrate new cutting-edge
training technology.
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