Fascinated by AI?

We recognize that talented people are attracted to companies that provide competitive pay, comprehensive benefits packages and real advancement opportunities.


Where you can work

Our foward-thinking team has combined 60+ years experience in relevant fields, and hold degrees ranging from Information Systems and Cybersecurity, to Computer Engineering. They are unique individuals that look at life as a challenge to be won, aren’t afraid to stick their neck in the pursuit of innovation, and can hold an interesting conversation at the drop of a hat, because they are passionate about something. We look for people who’s ideas are just as interesting as they are, and this is what we have so far. We believe strongly that commercial success can be achieved in a manner consistent with principles and ideals that bind us together as one company, that set us apart from our competitors, and that in the end will allow us to say we have succeeded commercially by doing the right thing the right way.

We believe that the Company’s success is inextricably linked to our employees’ satisfaction and success: satisfaction that they work for a start-up that gets it, is in it for the long-haul with a business plan to back it up. Our employees have the satisfaction that they work for a company that isn’t afraid to take risks, and satisfaction that the company will reward them for their contributions; providing opportunities for personal growth and success.

We believe our employees take pride in knowing that they help people live safer more secure lives everyday.

Teamwork is imperative. Most non-executive positions work together as a team – not as a collection of individuals, thereby improving our individual and team results. We’re proud of our place in the software industry, and treat each member as an extension of the company. Our collaborative approach means all information is shared across our team. This approach is unique in the recruiting industry and offers great results to both our candidates and clients.

We are great believers in specialization and focus, because we recognize that by dedicating all our R&D and product direction to a particular market niche and then working on being the best in that niche, we gain a huge competitive advantage. This specialization is reflected globally through our focus on our fields of study: Data Management, Data Analytics, General IT, Mobile Application Software Engineering, Game Software Development, Web Development, Software Engineering, Project Management, and Information Technology

We maintain an extensive database of candidates and we invest heavily in choosing the right candidate to populate the demands of of the position. We host thorough training programs, are firm believers in quality-over-quantity, and expand with discipline, not with extravagance. Furthermore, we have a team of dedicated researchers to network across the industry in order to match our candidates passion, with an incredible life-changing experience in technology.

Company paid pension plan
Medical coverage
Dental coverage
Paid time-off
Discounts on automobile and homeowner’s insurance
Discount fitness memberships
Flexible spending accounts
Tuition reimbursement
Vision care coverage
Work/Life resources
Employee and Dependent life insurance
Disability insurance
Accidental death & dismemberment insurance
Competitive base salary, plus company and project based performance bonuses.
Extensive Benefits Package, including healthcare, dental, sick time, flexible spending plans, life and short-term disability insurance, 401k, etc.
Flexible hours – we expect you to get things done, not clock in and out.
The tools (machine of your choice) and energy (snacks and drinks) that you need to succeed.
Top caliber team of performance-driven people who are focused on providing exceptional service to the public health sector