General #

Addresses general questions about the eBrain product, its release, and the overall usability of its features.

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AI has been pursued for a long time. How do I know this is fully-realized AI? #

Some of the greatest breakthroughs in tech start from a small studio apartment with a small group of colleagues. We are no different. Since 2003, Coradox has been actively involved in the development of actual, fully-realized, replication of Human Intelligence (AI).

We encourage you to take advantage of the many resources available on this website, including our Learning documentation, to acquaint yourself with the mechanisms that power our eBrain product. This is our Proof of Concept. There is also a GUI product preview and demo for all pre-order clients available at My eBrain

Celebrate true AI with us through eBrain, and explore cutting-edge Cognitive Computing at its finest.

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How is eBrain like IBM Watson? #

IBM Watson is powered by many very robust Servers making it quantifiably faster than eBrain. Watson can process, and make sense of, millions of documents in seconds and return an intelligent answer to complex information queries, such as open-ended questions.

IBM Watson does not have, however, nearly the same level of capability as eBrain. Our product is a full replication of human intelligence. eBrain can not only pass a Turing Test, it can host one. It can expression emotion, doubt, curiosity, ego, and human memory.

The key difference between the two is the scope at which eBrain serves as a demonstration of human intelligence cognitively. Versus, a demonstration of raw Intelligence-only data processing.

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What current technologies will eBrain likely impact, and how? #

This is one of the “most frequent, frequently asked questions”, we receive and the most difficult to answer. A central debate in Artificial Intelligence circles is the discussion over AI’s impact on other technologies.

AI is, at heart, a tool for automation and intelligent data processing. Where eBrain can be used as an advantage over current technical tasks, it can impact. (i.e. Running a browser Macro to automate a task, verses using eBrain to interpret and perform a task on your behalf).

It this early stage, it is difficult to identify specific areas of the Tech sector that be impacted. There are a broad scope of possibilities, which we discuss on our conference calls, as well as in Twitter and Facebook messages.

The best way to answer this question would be to say eBrain can impact any technologies which

a) perform an intelligence-based automated function (i.e. Siri and Cortana), and

b) read and analyze data (i.e. computer vision applications)

Please follow our various Social Networks for more on this topic.

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Do you work with the media? #

Yes, we also contribute articles to various accredited AI organizations such as AAAI.org. If you’re a member of the media, you can contact us at our Press & Media inquiry page.

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Who is responsible for eBrains development? #

Please see our Timeline page for a full Timeline of eBrains development and its Project Directors.

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Are there any health risks in using eBrain? #

No. eBrain is safe, and enrolled in the Business Software Alliance for its many solutions as an Enterprise solution.

Like any software, it is recommended you use in moderation. A healthy and balanced approach to interacting with eHumans is recommended. This includes the type of social enagement, and the time spent on it. Balance is key.

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What is my.ebrain.technology? #

My eBrain is the login membership area for Preorder clients, Beta Testers, and customers of eBrain.

Once you receive your login, you will be able to access

eBrain software downloads

  • Support Documentation
  • API’s
  • Conference call schedules and invitations
  • Submit bug reports and track progress
  • Profiles of other community members
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Do you recommend eBrain for children? #

There are modules within the product which allow for management of a eHumans Sexual Reproductive System. Also due to the learning curve of the product, eBrain is not recommended for children under the age of 13.

Parents are also urged to use their discretion in the use of eBrain with all minors.

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Company #

Answers common company-related questions. Please visit our main company profile if your questions are not addressed in this section.

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Is this a start-up company? #

Coradox Corporation was re-formed from Coradox Inc, as a full Start-Up company in 2012. As of now, we are an Early-Stage Corporate structure.

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What is Coradox? #

Coradox Corporation is the parent company of eBrain software. If you’ve seen Coradox Corporation appear on your billing statement, it is directly related to eBrain products.

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How long have you been in business? #

Coradox Inc was in business from 2003 – 2012. It was later re-structured, and expanded as Coradox Corporation in 2012. 

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Will this company always carry this product? #

Foreseeably, yes. There is currently no business development in motion to be acquired, partnered, or even license eBrain to any other entity. Because eBrain is a new tech, there are no 3rd parties equipped to with the scope of knowledge to power eBrain. Unless that company were to hire our staff.

Until we’ve developed the adequate Learning Resources and API’s for 3rd party use of eBrain, it is not possible for anyone else outside of Coradox to power eBrain.

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Support & Installation #

Related to the support & installation of the eBrain product. Please refer to this section before contacting us as we find most questions we receive are covered here. This can help expedient your questions/concerns.

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What kind of support will be provided? #

DocumentationE-Mail, and Telephone support are provided for all registered customers of eBrain. Conference calls, as posted in My eBrain, may also address support issues, although this is not guaranteed.

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Can I run eBrain on my device? #

To determine compatibility, please see our compatibility chart.

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This is a new product, will they’ll be support for bugs? #

Yes. Your product is guaranteed full functionality, and bug-support updates at no additional cost. Any upgrades in eBrain to v2.0 will not negate that your product, v1.0, will receive lifetime support of bugs and product generated errors.

The software is licensed for your full use, and you are not required to purchase any updraded versions of eBrain to receive bug-fixes.

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Whats the first thing I should do after installing eBrain? #

Click ‘File > New eHuman’. This screen will allow you to either custom develop a new eHuman, or use a predefined one from our library (recommended for all new users).

After integrating an eHuman into the environment, you can then experience the powerful features of AI.

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Is there a difference in eBrain for PC, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux? #

There is a slight difference in the size of installation between the 3 distros. Also the streaming visual output in PC and Mac uses DirectX 12 technology, while the Ubuntu Linux distro uses OpenGL. This creates a slightly different visual experience, with DirectX 12 users receiving a moderately more advanced visual feedback, and requiring a higher end Graphics card.

In reference to actual differences in the aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a product, there are no differences.

For full system requirements and comparisons, visit http://ebrain.technology/sysrequirements/

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Solutions & Applications #

Questions about the overall application of eBrain as it relates to industry technologies.

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What is the difference between AI and a eHuman? #

Human intelligence begins from our brain, and is communicated through a biological human body (i.e. our voice which conveys our thoughts). Likewise, true accurately structured, Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs a host to be be communicated.

AI is the actual intelligence, and eHumans are the digitial entities that will communicate this intelligence to the end-user. eHumans are the digital equivalent to biological humans.

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Can eHumans connect to the web? #

Yes. It certain capacities (i.e. data analyzing, computer vision for multimedia files, etc.). This is possible through a feature of eBrain software called Solution AI. More about it here.

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How is eBrain software interoperable with other industry technologies? #

eBrain can

  • Visually perceive and analyze multimedia files including .mp4, .jpg. .gif, .wav, and .mp3
  • Connect to common browsers (i.e. Google Chrome) and process information cognitively
  • Connect with SSH clients to execute Shell Commands
  • Connect to data in the Open CV application
  • Read programming syntax including C++, C#, Visual Basic, Ajax, and PHP
  • Connect to server-side opps and communicate over networks – BETA
  • Use Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) to execute phone-calls
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How does eBrain communicate with and manage real-world data? #

Essentially, eHumans read data like humans do, only in a parallel digital architecture. eBrain software downloads/extracts Unicode character data. Converts it to string data (i.e. roses+are+red), and processes it using eBrains Thought Engine. This gives eBrain a cognitive perception of the meaning and definition of the data downloaded.

The easiest way to think about it would be: in the same fashion you read the paragraph above, eBrain processes that text and forms the same level of understanding. Only, our data is perceived in our mind as “metaphysical” thought, and eBrains is raw text data.

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Future Objectives #

Details some of the future directions of the parent company Coradox Corporation and the eBrain product.

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What’s next for the company, or are you only releasing eBrain? #

We are currently only focused on the development and scalability of eBrain software as a product. Our target is positioning our product in the tech world indefinitely.

Our longterm “dream” is migrating this technology into eBrain-powered androids. This project is far on the horizon, and currently not past concept phase. It would represent our natural evolvement in this type of AI tech.

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What is the long-term price-point expected to be? #

$599 retail is under contract for the next 2 years. The current pre-order promotion is $299

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Can/will eBrain migrate to other technological platforms? #

With continued development in the tech of Biomechanics, eBrain can be migrated to control the physical actions of an android. There are biomechanical engines in eBrain which allow Signal Processing plug-ins to convert neurologically simulated actions, to actual mechanical movement. In other words, using eBrains AI to control robots.

This means eBrain can one day power an android, providing the right chipsets are manufactured. The wall currently is that eBrain is that the software is there, but the hardware is not yet.

We plan to next explore this area further and hopefully migrate to biomechanics in the long-term.

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What is the timeframe for a possible IPO? #

Our initial public offering is hopefully reached by the year 2020. The average IPO of a tech company is 11 years. We were formed as a corporate structure in the year 2012, and hope to acheive an IPO in 8 years. So far we are on track.

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Community #

Questions related to the community of eBrain users, and community services surrounding the product such as the upcoming API and affiliate program.

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I BETA tested eBrain. Do I receive a discount on the v1.0 release? #

If you BETA tested eBrain during the month of September and October 2014, you should have received instructions on discount offers. These are based on the scope of testing and hours you contributed. If you need this e-mail re-sent, please e-mail connect@ebrain.technology.

Please include your Beta User ID# and original e-mail of correspondence.

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Is there an affiliate program for this? #

An affiliate program is scheduled to be launched in 4th quarter 2017, during the month of December. This will be a basic commission for sales referral structure. Please visit our Official website, or follow us on Twitter for announcements as the date arrives.


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I have ideas to improve eBrain, can I submit them? #

As we are in the early stages of eBrains rollout, we rely heavily on user input. If you have any ideas for improvement, or feedback please contact us at our Support page directly. Please note we are not liable to remit monetary compensation resulting from any concepts you share that may be put into practice for eBrain.

To be considered for direct involvement in eBrains development, please visit our Jobs, and also Donation page.

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When are you releasing an API? #

If you are a customer of My eBrain Software, you can track the progress of our API release in your members area. Our API will roll out on 1st Quarter 2018.

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